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What Causes Neck Shoulder Pain?

Neck – Shoulder – Machine causes extremely uncomfortable pain, affecting the patient’s daily life and work. This early treatment helps prevent life from being turned upside down and helps patients feel more comfortable and at ease.

What is neck pain?

Neck and shoulder pain is a condition in which the muscles of the Neck – Shoulder – Neck area are stiff, causing pain. In addition, the patient is also limited in some movements such as turning the neck, turning the head. These pains usually appear in the morning, related to the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels in the shoulder and neck area.

When suffering from neck and shoulder pain, at first, the patient only feels a slight pain, fatigue in the shoulder and neck area. These pains will increase in severity and frequency if the disease persists. The pain is more obvious when the patient does heavy work, moves the neck, shoulder, and back a lot.

Neck pain often occurs suddenly, without warning. It is possible that after waking up, the patient feels pain in the neck and shoulders and has difficulty in moving the neck.

Causes of Neck – Shoulder – Neck pain

Neck – Shoulder – Neck pain is a common problem and often occurs due to many different causes, including:

1. Muscle and Joint Problems: Neck and shoulder pain can be caused by muscle problems such as muscle spasms, tight muscles, overload, or soft tissue injuries. It can also be caused by joint problems such as osteoarthritis or a stuck joint.

2. Spine problems: If the spine is misaligned or has nerve problems, this can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

3. Incorrect posture when sitting or standing: Improper posture when sitting or standing can cause tension and pressure on the neck, shoulders and back of the neck, leading to pain.

4. Stress: Stress and stress can cause neck and shoulder pain. When stressed, the muscles often tense and cause muscle problems.

5. Clinical Status: Many people, under the influence of clinical conditions, anxiety or depression, often experience pain in the neck, shoulders and back of the neck.

6. Digestive functional condition: Digestive problems such as food allergies, bloating, gastritis can cause neck, shoulder and back pain.

7. Aging: Aging can reduce the strength of muscles and joints, causing neck and shoulder pain.

To treat neck and shoulder pain, it is necessary to identify the specific cause and often requires a combination of different treatments such as medication, exercise, therapeutic massage, Himalayan salt sauna, and change of posture. position while sitting or standing.

One of the best prevention methods cannot fail to mention: Neck – Shoulder – Neck Massage at FUJI SPA CENTER:

– Relieve aches and pains through massage, acupressure

– Blood circulation through rolling herbal balls, applying hot stones

– Excreting toxins from the body through herbal steaming

– Helps improve sleep quality, strengthen immunity

– Relieve respiratory symptoms: sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis..

Don’t let neck pain become a barrier in your work and life. Please contact Fuji Spa Center right away for advice on definitive treatment of Neck – Shoulder – Neck pain!

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