Fuji Spa Center
Building a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and longevity

8 Years of Dedication, Nurturing a Noble Mission

Fuji Spa Center was established in 2016 with a noble mission: to create a lifestyle of wellness and long-lasting health for the community. Over the past 8 years of establishment and development, Fuji Spa has affirmed its position as a prestigious spa brand in Vietnam, offering customers the most relaxing and therapeutic experiences.


To become the most beloved
wellness spa ecosystem in Vietnam


The Foundation for Sustainable Development

Thoughtful at every details
Friendly attitude
Sense of responsibility
Actions to create value
Sincere behavior

Modern and widespread infrastructure

Currently, Fuji Spa has 4 branches in Hanoi, with luxurious and modern spaces and a team of professional and well-trained staff. Fuji Spa promises to bring customers the best relaxation and therapy experiences.
106 Linh Lang, Ba Đình (FUJI LUXURY)
089 945 8005 - 091 132 9835
BT F11 Xuân Tảo, Ngoại Giao Đoàn (FUJI LUXURY)
0964 114 128
76 Duy Tân, Cầu Giấy (FUJI LUXURY)
086 806 9398
76 Phan Kế Bính, Ba Đình
034 425 6196